We hope these publications will touch your heart, evoke your spirit, and remind you that there is something to learn from everything that happens in our lives. They were created by the founders of the More To Life Programme to support you on a lifelong journey of discovery and awakening.

K. Bradford BrownK. BRADFORD BROWN — Dr Brown’s interest in spiritual and psychological awakening began when he was a young priest in the 1950s. He pursued this theme in his psychology studies with some of the pioneers of the field, including Victor Frankl and Alan Watts. He ran a successful therapy training practice before creating More To Life in 1981. Brad died in 2007. More
Roy WhittenW. ROY WHITTEN — Dr. Whitten trained in psychology and theology and did his PhD in Transformative Learning and Change. He has been a priest, trainer, coach, entrepreneur, sales director and business consultant, helping over 100,000 people to transform their lives. He is now a principal partner in Whitten & Roy Partnership, a sales consultancy. More

STORIES lion-smallA fable, a children’s book and a poem in blank verse create a powerful imaginative world offering new insight into the theme of learning from life.

GUIDED MEDITATIONSIam-smallThese rare recordings of Brad’s guided meditations have an immediacy that resonates with the depth of a lifetime of meditative practice.

GUIDELINES creat-smallA series of penetrating short pieces that reveal the not-so-obvious truths which underly our ordinary everyday experiences of life.