• by Brad Brown This guided reflection over two CDs is designed to help you reconnect with the unique personal qualities you had as a child, and then observe what happened to them during adolescence and adulthood. The effect of working through these deeply-held memories can reignite the development of neural pathways which may have been halted by difficult early challenges or childhood trauma. Doing this work will help you release unhelpful learned responses, and reconnect with the creative energy that is at the heart of your authentic self.    
  • Maggie Teachers & Travellers was the creative response of a gifted soul to the experience of the More To Life Weekend. Known across Tennessee as a writer and singer of songs with haunting melodies and evoking lyrics, Maggie Longmire had stopped performing professionally for 17 years when a friend enrolled her into taking this course. There she discovered “some new ways of looking at life, and new ways of learning from it.” The result was Teachers & Travellers, in which each song presents her personal insights into this work, bringing its deepest themes vividly and clearly to life.
    Download the title track (zipped mp3) Download the lyrics (pdf)
  • I Am Meditation

    by Brad Brown How is it that some people can live a whole lifetime and never ask: “who am I?” Dr Brown takes you through the meditation he created for the More To Life Weekend in the early years of the More To Life Programme. Recorded live at a training event, this is a simple and deeply affecting experience, leaving space for inner realisations and the creation of new and profound choices. The CD comes with a selection of pieces about self-realisation from Brad’s first book, Touchstones For An Inner Journey.